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Ryan McHugh | B.S. Kinesiology | University of North Texas

Owner – NexGen Fitness North Frisco


Rachael Pius | NCSF-CPT

Studio Manager | Certified Personal Trainer

Rachael has been a sports and fitness enthusiast her entire life. Playing various sports at an early age, it was her commitment to ice hockey that led her to be recruited to play NCAA women’s ice hockey in New Hampshire, where she studied nutrition and athletic training. Rachael is certified by NCSF with 5 years of personal training experience, as well as experience training athletes and coaching youth ice hockey. Rachael enjoys everything about personal training and excels at customizing a plan to help everyone, no matter their age or ability, achieve their health and fitness goals. “This is truly my life passion!”

Darrell Smith | NCSF-CPT

Certified Personal Trainer

Darrell got his start in the fitness industry over 16 years ago, having a chance to work at multiple gyms in the beautiful state of Florida. His most memorable accomplishments came with preparing three young athletes for the NFL combine and Arena Football League. Darrell knows what it takes to help you fight obesity, he also believes he can help you become a better person not only physically, but also mentally. His number one goal is to help motivate and inspire you to become a better version of yourself.

Beejay Mathis | PFTA-CPT

Certified Personal Trainer

Beejay has been involved in athletic training for 11 years now. He lettered in collegiate football for two years at Brigham Young University before transferring and finishing his collegiate career at Midwestern State University. He studied Kinesiology as well as Sports Nutrition. Beejay enjoys working with people to help them reach their every day goals both physically and mentally while pushing them to their limits. He’s a youth mentor and runs President, a select youth football program here in North Texas. His Favorite Quote is “Mind over Matter – Win The Day”.

Adrian Mendez | NASM-CPT

Certified Personal Trainer

Adrian has had a passion for fitness ever since he created his first workout program in his early teen years. Adrian has acquired many valuable skills throughout his fitness journey. Learning through constant research, trial and error, Adrian frequently developed a better understanding for health and fitness. With a diverse experience and background in training such as hypertrophy, weight loss, and strength training, Adrian is well equipped to serve clients according to their fitness goals. Adrian is not only passionate about fitness, but also takes joy in seeing clients overcome obstacles and accomplish their goals. Adrian enjoys training and spending time with his family and close friends. He enjoys learning more about each individual’s story and seeks to not only make training rewarding, but also an enjoyable experience.